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 Cary Fragueiro

Cary Fragueiro is a universe of creation and products made with Ibizan soul and inspiration, as a tribute to the island that best represents free spirit and joy. Creations that project an optimistic and happy lifestyle, designed to enjoy those moments that give us happiness, helping us to feel comfortable, but at the same time sophisticated and with a sexy and daring point.

  • Quality fabrics so that aesthetics, attractiveness and comfort go hand in hand.

  • Versatile and simple designs but with a point of sophistication, daring and elegant at the same time.

  • Maximum quality of the fabric and the details that make each piece different and special.

  • Handmade clothing, garment by garment, 100% made in Spain.

Because if there is something that Ibiza teaches us, it is that beyond the fast-paced way of life that we all lead in our day-to-day lives, there is another way of living. No hurries. Paused. Enjoying the little details. Without judging and without setting limits to freedom.
This is the magic island. This is Cary Fragueiro.

❤️ From Ibiza With Love.

Our values

Liberty: Do things your way. Unfiltered. Without fear. Get rid of all limitations and go out in search of what inspires you the most with total freedom.

Optimism: Seeing things not only as they are, but as they can become from a perspective of unlimited possibility, knowing that it is up to us to make them happen.

Fullness: A life without haste, lived with care and attention to detail, is fuller, more intense and more inspiring. This is how we like our days and our creations to unfold: over low heat, with enough time to fully savor each experience that is presented to us.

Originality: In a world of homogenized tastes and global trends without distinction, the original thing is to dare to be yourself. To say what you think, to dress as you are and to enjoy expressing what makes us unique.

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